Womens World Record 2018

On the “Grizzly trail” of his World Record 2014

General details of this record ride – 3 Countries / 3 Women

  • Three women out of three nations are riding around the world
  • Each rider starts at her capital city
  • Each rider gets live tracked (with podcasts)
  • Movie project: In the end follows a “After-Movie”

Detais of the qualifications – 5 Countries / 5 Women

  • Five nations are competing against each other in the qualification
  • The following nations and riders are already set: Russia & USA
  • Female riders of all european nations are determined by qualification races
  • The first European qualification starts Wednesday, 12th of April 2017 – News can be found on our Womens World Record-Blog
  • Qualification: Are taking place between two riders
  • At the end of September 2017 Grisu Grizzly will decide which European rider is going to participate in the world record.

First European Qualification: Switzerland vs. Austria

Switzerland: Road Reby, 33 years, BMW 650

Austria: Anita Fastl, 47 years, Honda Africa Twin

Further European Qualification: Application / Registration

  • If you want to apply for this record / the next qualification please send an E-Mail

Route of Grizzlys World Record 2014: 
e.g. Swiss Rider is starting at “Berner Bundesplatz” in the direction of Germany – Poland – Latvia – Lithuania – Russia – South Korea – Alaska – Canada – USA – Mexico – Spain – France – Italy – Switzerland