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WOMENS WORLD RECORD 2018 on the “Grizzly Trail” of his World Record 2014

18th of April 2017

Arrived at Castle Laubegg

5’800km in 98 hours (Reby) and 104 hours (Anita). The qualification was successfully completed by both riders.
Today, important exercises were completed
Arrived in Vienna!

17th of April 2017

In the lead – REBY!
Reby: Apagy (Ungarn)
Anita: Csaroda (Ungarn)
Greetings from Reby
Ukraine 3am -1 celsius & rain
Greetings from Anita
Ukraine 8am 10 celsius

15th of April 2017

Part 2 was starting from Expoforum (2pm, Sankt Petersburg)
Start from the Expoforum stage
Sankt Petersburg – Moskau ( Kreml ) – Kiew – Budapest – Wien – Leibnitz (Ziel)

14th of April 2017

Reby has arrived in Saint Petersburg.
Time; 40 h 20 min (2’561 km)

Anita has arrived in Saint Petersburg.
Time; 46 h 10 min (2’561 km)

13th of April 2017

Blog News: 13th of April 2017

It was a head to head race from the beginning between Reby from Switzerland and Anita from Austria. Both women piloting absolutely at male standards! Both racing at fantastic speeds, with an average of 111 km/h. Both giving it their all, persistant and defying all exertion. With rain and hail in Poland, Reby has taken the lead after 20 hours! To think that Reby started an hour later. The immediate weather forcast for St. Pertersburg- rain, hail and snow-very demanding.In the lead after 23 hours – REBY!

12th of April 2017

R E B Y (from Switzerland) has started
local time: 7pmWe wish you a good trip!
A N I T A (from Austria) has started
local time: 6pmWe wish you a good trip!

QUALIFYING ROUTE (over 6’500 km):

1st Etape: Switzerland (Zürich), Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia (St. Petersburg)

12 hrs break

2nd Etape: Russia (St. Petersburg), Ukraine, Hungary, Austria (Leibnitz)


– DATE: Wednesday, 12th of April 2017
– TIME: “Anita Fastl” is set for 5PM / “Road Reby” is set for 6.30PM
– PLACE: Biergarten, Hohlstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
– ARRIVAL: Is expected for Wednesday, 19th of April 2017 in Leibnitz, Austria (NOT Zürich)

Race Blog is starting WEDNESDAY, 12th of April 2017

Stay tuned!