Daytona – Whisky

A whiskey for the next world record..

An exceptional performance has been accomplished-the next is yet to come.

2 years preparation time
119 days ridden
121’000 kilometers
6 continents travelled
World record accomplished

Whether through rain, cold, heat, and time Grizzly accomplished the world record on motorcycle, crossing 6 continents on their longest axis.

This wouldn’t have been possible without passion, will, time and support.

His pleasures were to continued. We would like to celebrate these pleasures with “LangatunDaytona rizzly”. In the caves of the distillery suitable barrels were chosen under the care of Langatun master distiller Hans Baumberger.
Time, pleasure, passion and the “LangatunDaytonaGrizzly” were born.

Whiskey lovers can support the next world record project directly through Grizzly Racing with each one of the 300 limited edition bottles of whiskey.

“Langatun Daytona Grizzly” is available as of today through: Mail us or under Langatun